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SubjectRe: OCFS2 1.6.0 for mainline?
On Sat, 15 Oct 2011 23:12:44 +0200, Richard Weinberger said:
> Am 15.10.2011 23:03, schrieb Kyle Moffett:
> > If someone who has a copy of Oracle's "Unbreakable Linux" can get
> > ahold of the sources, please put them in GIT somewhere for the rest of
> > us to access; it *is* GPLed software after all. Otherwise, please
> > distribute the binaries to the rest of us and we will obtain the
> > sources on our own. I can't find any published information on their
> > website about how to obtain the sources, so someone will have to
> > contact them directly.

Remember that Oracle only has an obligation to give source to the people *they*
give binaries to. If you get binaries from an Oracle customer, you'll have to
hit that customer up for the corresponding source.

> I found this src.rpm:
> k-2.6.32-100.34.1.el6uek.src.rpm
> linux-2.6.32/fs/ocfs2 contains OCFS2 1.6.3.
> Mark, Joel, can you please port this "release" to mainline?

I'll bite.. what's an acceptable Signed-Off-By: chain if somebody is pushing
somebody else's GPL'ed code upstream? I seem to remember some maintainers
being a tad prickly about this case in the past?

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