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    SubjectRe: OCFS2 1.6.0 for mainline?
    Am 15.10.2011 23:03, schrieb Kyle Moffett:
    > On Sat, Oct 15, 2011 at 15:26, <> wrote:
    >> On Sat, 15 Oct 2011 19:49:43 +0200, Richard Weinberger said:
    >>> Am 15.10.2011 19:45, schrieb
    >>>> Put differently, why do you think 1.6.0 is available?
    >>> OCFS2 1.6.3-1 and OCFS2 Tools 1.6.3-1 are the latest versions. The new
    >>> features available in this release include Extended Attributes, POSIX
    >>> ACLs, REFLINKs, Indexed Directories, Allocation Reservation, Metadata
    >>> Checksums and User/Group Quotas."
    >> Nice feature list, I can see why you want it. ;)
    >>> Looks like it's only available for "Unbreakable Linux" subscribers.
    >>> The development seems to be detached from mainline. :-(
    >> Well, you have to admit it *is* an interesting business model - giving release
    >> N to your customers and N-1 to the world. I just got totally mislead by the
    >> quote from the Oracle site that said the development happens in mainline. ;)
    > If someone who has a copy of Oracle's "Unbreakable Linux" can get
    > ahold of the sources, please put them in GIT somewhere for the rest of
    > us to access; it *is* GPLed software after all. Otherwise, please
    > distribute the binaries to the rest of us and we will obtain the
    > sources on our own. I can't find any published information on their
    > website about how to obtain the sources, so someone will have to
    > contact them directly.

    I found this src.rpm:

    linux-2.6.32/fs/ocfs2 contains OCFS2 1.6.3.

    Mark, Joel, can you please port this "release" to mainline?


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