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SubjectRe: Reporting Kernel Bugs
On Fri, 14 Oct 2011, Jan Steinke wrote:

> > Just send an e-mail to appropriate mailinglist and CC
> > responsible maintainer(s).
> >
> > That's what many people prefer to bugzilla anyway.
> >
> How do I know the responsible maintainer(s)? How do I know if the bug is
> confirmed or accepted?

If you can figure out what subsystem is the likely source of the issue,
then you can check the MAINTAINERS file for the appropriate people and
mailing list. If there's a panic or oops, find the source file that is to
blame and use ./scripts/ -f <file>. Otherwise, just
report some unknown, untriaged error directly to and be sure to cc Andrew Morton
<> who used to go through the bugzilla
quite often and send bug reports in the right direction.

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