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SubjectRe: [PATCH] PCI / PM: Extend PME polling to all PCI devices
On Mon, 3 Oct 2011 23:16:33 +0200
"Rafael J. Wysocki" <> wrote:

> From: Rafael J. Wysocki <>
> The land of PCI power management is a land of sorrow and ugliness,
> especially in the area of signaling events by devices. There are
> devices that set their PME Status bits, but don't really bother
> to send a PME message or assert PME#. There are hardware vendors
> who don't connect PME# lines to the system core logic (they know
> who they are). There are PCI Express Root Ports that don't bother
> to trigger interrupts when they receive PME messages from the devices
> below. There are ACPI BIOSes that forget to provide _PRW methods for
> devices capable of signaling wakeup. Finally, there are BIOSes that
> do provide _PRW methods for such devices, but then don't bother to
> call Notify() for those devices from the corresponding _Lxx/_Exx
> GPE-handling methods. In all of these cases the kernel doesn't have
> a chance to receive a proper notification that it should wake up a
> device, so devices stay in low-power states forever. Worse yet, in
> some cases they continuously send PME Messages that are silently
> ignored, because the kernel simply doesn't know that it should clear
> the device's PME Status bit.
> This problem was first observed for "parallel" (non-Express) PCI
> devices on add-on cards and Matthew Garrett addressed it by adding
> code that polls PME Status bits of such devices, if they are enabled
> to signal PME, to the kernel. Recently, however, it has turned out
> that PCI Express devices are also affected by this issue and that it
> is not limited to add-on devices, so it seems necessary to extend
> the PME polling to all PCI devices, including PCI Express and planar
> ones. Still, it would be wasteful to poll the PME Status bits of
> devices that are known to receive proper PME notifications, so make
> the kernel (1) poll the PME Status bits of all PCI and PCIe devices
> enabled to signal PME and (2) disable the PME Status polling for
> devices for which correct PME notifications are received.
> Tested-by: Sarah Sharp <>
> Signed-off-by: Rafael J. Wysocki <>
> ---

Applied to linux-next, thanks.

Jesse Barnes, Intel Open Source Technology Center
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