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SubjectRe: PCIe can not rescan for new PCIe device ( FPGA board )

> Thanks for the details.
> If I understand correctly:
> A - fails (card not present at power-on, added later)
> B - works (card always present)
> C - works (card present at power-on, later removed and re-added,
> requires manual rescan)
> I see this note in section 9.4.8 (BIOS setup) of the conga-BAF User's Guide:
> Note: Unless the hotplug support for this port is enabled as well,
> an unpopulated
> port will still be disabled if no PCI Express device is connected.
> If you don't have hotplug enabled in the BIOS setup, it sounds like it
> might result in the behavior you're seeing. Do you have that enabled?
> Bjorn

Hallo Bjorn & Kenji,

the hot-plug was enabled, but today I have received a new BIOS from
Congatec which solves the problem.

Among the fix is:

_BBRAR009 to BBRAR110:_

2. Enabled PCIExpress / ExpressCard basic hotplug support. Enabled event
handling support.

Now after the manual rescan my FPGA board gets detect correctly and I
can access its registers in the correct way.

Many thanks for all your supports.

My best regards,

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