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SubjectRe: [PATCH v7 0/8] Request for inclusion: tcp memory buffers
On 10/14/2011 12:12 AM, David Miller wrote:
> From: Glauber Costa<>
> Date: Fri, 14 Oct 2011 00:05:58 +0400
>> Also, I kind of dispute the affirmation that !cgroup will encompass
>> the majority of users, since cgroups is being enabled by default by
>> most vendors. All systemd based systems use it extensively, for
>> instance.
> I will definitely advise people against this, since the cost of having
> this on by default is absolutely non-trivial.
> People keep asking every few releases "where the heck has my performance
> gone" and it's because of creeping features like this. This socket
> cgroup feature is a prime example of where that kind of stuff comes
> from.
> I really get irritated when people go "oh, it's just one indirect
> function call" and "oh, it's just one more pointer in struct sock"
> We work really hard to _remove_ elements from structures and make them
> smaller, and to remove expensive operations from the fast paths.
> It might take someone weeks if not months to find a way to make a
> patch which compensates for the extra overhead your patches are adding.
> And I don't think you fully appreciate that.

Let's focus on this:
Are you happy, or at least willing to accept, an approach that keep
things as they were with cgroups *compiled out*, or were you referring
to not in use == compiled in, but with no users?

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