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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] Reduce vm_stat cacheline contention in __vm_enough_memory
    Mel Gorman <> writes:
    > If vm_enough_memory is being heavily hit as well, it implies that this
    > workload is mmap-intensive which is pretty inefficient in itself. I

    Saw it with tmpfs originally. No need to be mmap intensive. Just
    do lots of IOs on tmpfs.

    > guess it would also apply to workloads that are malloc-intensive for
    > large buffers but I'd expect the cache line bounces to only dominate if
    > there was little or no computation on the resulting buffers.

    I think you severly underestimate the costs of bouncing cache lines
    on >2S.

    > As a result, I wonder how realistic is this test workload and who useful
    > fixing this problem is in general?

    It's kind of bad if tmpfs doesn't scale.


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