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SubjectRe: RFC : fat : default errors use FAT_ERRORS_CONT instead of FAT_ERRORS_RO.
2011/10/13 NamJae Jeon <>:
> 2011/10/13  <>:
>> On Thu, 13 Oct 2011 09:24:52 +0900, NamJae Jeon said:
>>> It said windows fat provide a chance that continuously access
>>> partition except corrupted file.
>> It also gives you a chance to make things worse by continuing to write to the
>> device.  If you force it RO at the first sign of trouble, maybe you lose a few
>> blocks of one file.  If you keep writing to it, creating new files, erasing
>> files, and so on, pretty soon your corrupted filesystem is even more corrupted.
> There is no journal feature in FAT. it means FAT is corrupted well in
> unexpected status.
> Can you explain specifically what error will happen in case of keep writing ?
> I think that MS consider also about this. maybe they think that
> keeping access is better than changing RO type by one file is
> corrupted.
>>> I suggest that the default errors of linux fat use FAT_ERRORS_CONT
>>> instead of FAT_ERRORS_RO.
>> And what user benefit does that give?  If you keep going, they won't
>> realize their device is corrupted, and won't have any reason to *fix* the
>> filesystem.
> for example, FAT is RW filesystem. and it is corrupted well by
> unexpected status.
> If so, user can not write FAT filesystem anytime while using linux
> FAT.  there is no mehod except they should directly remount fat
> parittion. well known linux user can do it only.
And user can know file is corrupted or not by corrupted message and
return value when accessing this file.
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