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SubjectRe: RFC : fat : default errors use FAT_ERRORS_CONT instead of FAT_ERRORS_RO.
On Thu, 13 Oct 2011 09:24:52 +0900, NamJae Jeon said:

> It said windows fat provide a chance that continuously access
> partition except corrupted file.

It also gives you a chance to make things worse by continuing to write to the
device. If you force it RO at the first sign of trouble, maybe you lose a few
blocks of one file. If you keep writing to it, creating new files, erasing
files, and so on, pretty soon your corrupted filesystem is even more corrupted.

> I suggest that the default errors of linux fat use FAT_ERRORS_CONT
> instead of FAT_ERRORS_RO.

And what user benefit does that give? If you keep going, they won't
realize their device is corrupted, and won't have any reason to *fix* the
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