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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Code clean up for percpu_xxx() functions
> > Is this a revised patch? I do not see a use of the __this_cpu_xx ops.
> I just changed where you pointed as below at the patch line 146:
> #ifdef CONFIG_SMP
> #define __percpu_prefix "%%"__stringify(__percpu_seg)":"
> -#define __my_cpu_offset percpu_read(this_cpu_off)
> +#define __my_cpu_offset __this_cpu_read(this_cpu_off)
> I do not quite understand you here. Do you mean to change every possible
> this_cpu_xxx() to __this_cpu_xxx()?

I thought again of this_cpu_xxx function, yes, some of them are better
to be replaced by __this_cpu__xxx if preemption is safe on the scenario.
But this change is better to be done in another patch. I did not
finished all changed function check today. May try again in next week.
What's you pinion of this?

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