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SubjectRE: [tpmdd-devel] Linux 3.1-rc9
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From: Arkadiusz Miśkiewicz []
>> I guess the BIOS seems not to be initializing the TPM correctly. Any
>> chance you can get a hold of a BIOS update for your machine?

> Then I looked into bios options on this thinkpad t400 and there are 3 possible
> TPM settings: Enabled, Invisible, Disabled.

> Invisible is - visible but not working - according to bios help. No idea why
> such option exists but I had it enabled.

> I guess there is some way to make "Invisible" mode properly handled in Linux,
> too.

Invisible here probably means that the bios simply does not send a TPM_Startup which is needed to get the TPM running.
(and maybe it even let's physical presence untouched too).
If the driver would send a TPM_Startup(STATE) (which usually should not cause any problems, since if you send it twice the second one simply gets 'ignored' with a "invalid postinit" return code)
the tpm would probably work in the invisible case too.


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