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SubjectRe: Detecting if you are running in a container
Lennart Poettering <> writes:

> On Mon, 10.10.11 13:59, Eric W. Biederman ( wrote:

>> My list of things that still have work left to do looks like:
>> - cgroups. It is not safe to create a new hierarchies with groups
>> that are in existing hierarchies. So cgroups don't work.
> Well, for systemd they actually work quite fine since systemd will
> always place its own cgroups below the cgroup it is started in. cgroups
> hence make these things nicely stackable.
> In fact, most folks involved in cgroups userspace have agreed to these
> rules now:

Wow. Are cgroups really that complicated to use? A list of rules
a page long on what you have to do to make them useful and non-conflict.
Something seems off. Perhaps we need a rule don't mount multiple
controllers in the same hierarchy.


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