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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/4] allow freezing of tasks with netfs calls in flight

> We've had a number of reports recently of people with NFS and CIFS
> mounts that were unable to suspend or hibernate their machines. Here
> are a couple of Fedora bugs that illustrate the problem:
> When it occurs the problem is pretty clear. We have a task that's
> sleeping in the kernel in TASK_KILLABLE sleep, generally waiting
> for a reply to come in. Often though, userspace has already taken
> down the interface so that reply will never come. The process then
> fails to freeze and the suspend fails.

Userspace should not take interface down for suspend (*). Why do that?

> This patch fixes this by allowing the TASK_KILLABLE sleeps in NFS and
> CIFS to be awoken by the freezer and then to try to freeze. If a freeze
> event does occur, then the code will treat it as if a schedule() has
> already occured.

Looks like good idea...

(*) unless absolutely neccessary. openvpn?

(cesky, pictures)

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