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SubjectRe: [PATCH 4/6] udf: Convert printks to pr_<level>
On Mon 10-10-11 01:08:05, Joe Perches wrote:
> Use the current logging styles.
> Convert a few printks that should have been udf_warn and udf_err.
> Coalesce formats. Add #define pr_fmt.
> Move an #include "udfdecls.h" above other includes in udftime.c
> so pr_fmt works correctly. Strip prefixes from conversions as appropriate.
> Reorder logging definitions in udfdecl.h
Any reason why you didn't use udf_err() / udf_warn() in all the places
where sb pointer is available? Also I'd further use udf_err() in
udf_parse_options() - passing sb there is simple and additional information
in the message is useful. Thanks.

Jan Kara <>

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