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SubjectRe: [PATCH v5 3.1.0-rc4-tip 26/26] uprobes: queue signals while thread is singlestepping.
* Oleg Nesterov <> [2011-10-07 18:58:28]:

> Agreed, this looks much, much better. In both cases the task is current,
> it is safe to change ->blocked.
> But please avoid sigprocmask(), we have set_current_blocked().

Sure, I will use set_current_blocked().

While we are here, do you suggest I re-use current->saved_sigmask and
hence use set_restore_sigmask() while resetting the sigmask?

I see saved_sigmask being used just before task sleeps and restored when
task is scheduled back. So I dont see a case where using saved_sigmask
in uprobes could conflict with its current usage.

However if you prefer we use a different sigmask to save and restore, I
can make it part of the utask structure.

Thanks and Regards

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