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SubjectRe: [058/152] tcp: protect sysctl_tcp_cookie_size reads
Le jeudi 06 janvier 2011 à 23:08 -0500, William Allen Simpson a écrit :
> Thank you for bringing this to my attention. There's been quite a few
> changes in the 18 months since this function was originally written.
> The overall purpose of the patch seems OK, although most of the patch
> has nothing to do with the purported fix.
> That is, somebody preferred to alter conditions and remove braces. Seems
> harder to read to me! I'm surprised that this passed

Hi William, here is somebody talking to you.

This part of the code was exactly what you wrote, with no change.

Are you telling us somebody else added bug to your code ?
This is not the case, obviously.

After bug fix and cleanup code looks good, and even is
fine with it. No need for useless brackets around "return XXX;"
If I remember well, I did the cleanup so that my patch could not trigger errors/warnings. Not that I am a particular checkpatch
fan, but I know some people are.

By the way, you were CCed when I sent one month ago the mail to
David/netdev. And no reaction from you at that time.

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