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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] Read THREAD_CPUTIME clock from other processes.
    clock_getcpuclockid is the POSIX interface for using a process-wide CPU
    clock. pthread_getcpuclockid is the POSIX interface for using a
    thread-specific CPU clock. There is no POSIX interface for using the
    thread-specific clock of a thread in a different process because POSIX does
    not have the notion of global identification of threads at all. The very
    idea that you could know anything about an individual thread in a different
    process is a Linuxism. If you want to do something like that, then there
    is no reason to use the POSIX standard interfaces rather than just using
    the Linux-specific clockid_t generation macros in the first place.

    When the CPU clock interfaces were introduced to the kernel, it was
    considered a potential security issue (information leak) to be able to
    access the thread clocks of another process, because there had never been a
    way for one process to access such information from another process before.
    We took the conservative route of permitting it only within the same

    This can certainly be enhanced, but it opens some cans of worms about the
    security question. It is probably still considered an unsafe information
    leak to let every process examine every other process's thread clocks.
    I'll leave that judgement to security folks. The intermediate route of
    conversatism is to allow it only for processes owned by the same user,
    which has some complexities with races between UID changes and clock/timer

    As well as the information leak, it is most certainly a DoS attack vector
    to allow one process to set CPU timers an another process or its threads.
    Setting timers causes the timed thread itself to do work proportional to
    the number of timers set.


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