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    SubjectRe: On Linux numbering scheme
    On Thu, Jan 6, 2011 at 09:31, Claudio Scordino <> wrote:
    >>   As time passes by, the Linux numbering scheme makes even less sense.
    >>   Some time ago there was a discussion on LKML about a new numbering
    >>   scheme but it didn't come to any positive conclusion and then the
    >>   subject was forgotten entirely. Not meaning to raise a clamour here
    >>   (and I suppose I represent a large group of Linux users here). I'm
    >>   willing to suggest a numbering scheme which I hope will answer all
    >>   known complaints and criticism.
    > This seems to be a periodically recurrent topic on the list.
    > If I've correctly understood all points of view, there are currently two
    > groups of developers:
    > 1. Those who want to maintain the current numbering scheme, because they
    > feel comfortable with it, and because they can easily understand the
    > number of releases between one release and another.
    > 2. Those who prefer having a scheme somehow related to the date, so they
    > can easily understand when a certain kernel has been released (i.e. how
    > "old" it is).
    > Does really exist a numbering scheme that can satisfy both groups of
    > people ? Probably not.
    > My only idea would be to maintain the usual numbering scheme, and just
    > replace the second number (6) with the year of release.
    > For example:
    >        2.6.36 would be 2.10.36
    >        2.6.37 would be 2.11.37
    >        2.6.38 would be 2.11.38
    >        and so on...
    > This way, you put some information about the year of release without
    > loosing all the benefits of the current scheme.
    > But this means having two independent incremental numbers, which maybe
    > is a too insane scheme.

    Then why not drop the leading "2." completely?



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    when I'm talking to journalists I just say "programmer" or something like that.
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