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    Subject[PATCH 0/5] PM / ACPI: Fix problems with ACPI NVS saving related to using ioremap_cache() by ACPI

    The following series of patches makes the NVS save/restore code work correctly
    if ioremap_cache() is used by ACPI.

    [1/5] - Fix Oops in the NVS saving code related to failing ioremap()
    (patch from Jiri).

    [2/5] - Move the NVS save/restore code to drivers/acpi.

    [3/5] - Update file information and the list of includes in nvs.c.

    [4/5] - Make suspend_nvs_save() use acpi_os_map_memory().

    [5/5] - Make ACPI use ioremap_cache() internally.

    Please review/test.

    Do you want me to take these patches to my tree or are you going to push them
    to Linus?


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