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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 2.6.36] vlan: Avoid hwaccel vlan packets when vid not used
    Le jeudi 06 janvier 2011 à 16:01 -0500, Jesse Gross a écrit :

    > Hmm, I thought that it might be some interaction with a corner case in
    > the networking core but now it seems less likely. There weren't too
    > many vlan changes between the working and non-working states. Plus,
    > since the rx counter isn't increasing, the packets probably aren't
    > making it anywhere.
    > I see that tg3 increases the drop counter in one place, which also
    > happens to be checking for vlan errors (at tg3.c:4753). That seems
    > suspicious - maybe the NIC is only partially configured for vlan
    > offloading. If we can confirm that is where the drop counter is being
    > incremented and what the error code is maybe it would shed some light.

    Hmm... I am pretty sure the drop counter is the dev rx_dropped (core
    network handled, not tg3 one) incremented at the end of
    __netif_receive_skb() : We found no suitable handler for packets.


    But thats a guess, I'll have to check

    > If it's a driver issue I don't have much insight - maybe Matt or
    > bisect can help.
    > >> If it works on bnx2, it would seem to be a driver problem but it would
    > >> be good to confirm that the tag in skb->vlan_tci is not being
    > >> delievered to the networking core in this case.
    > >
    > > Hmm, where do you want me to check this ?
    > I was thinking right before vlan_gro_receive() at tg3.c:4837. If my
    > theory above is right then this obviously isn't relevant since it
    > won't be hit at all. Otherwise it would be good to know exactly what
    > the driver is producing.

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