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Subject[PATCH 0/11] Various ACPI patches for 2.6.38

In this series there are several ACPI patches I'd like to go into 2.6.38.
Some of them have been posted to linux-acpi already, some others are new.

[1/11] - Fix global lock acquisition (this patch is the same as

[2/11] - Prevent /proc/acpi/wakeup from enabling multiple devices to
wake up simultaneously (this patch is the same as

[3/11] - Make the button driver use standard device wakeup flags
(same as

[4/11] - Drop special ACPI wakeup flags that aren't necessary any more
(same as

[5/11] - Use pm_wakeup_event() to report wakeup events from ACPI buttons
(same as

[6/11] - Blacklist Averatec box requiring acpi_sleep=nonvs (new patch).

[7/11] - Rename acpi_power_off_device() (new patch).

[8/11] - Check status of power resources under mutexes (new patch).

[9/11] - Avoid printing messages about missing _PRW methods unnecessarily
(new, fixes a glitch introduced by one of the recent regression fixes,
-stable material).

[10/11] - Remove the wake_capable flag which isn't really useful (new patch).

[11/11] - Refresh battery information on 0x81 notification and during resume
(new patch, based on the Matthew's battery patch we discussed some
time ago).

Please consider for applying.

[NOTE: This series doesn't contain patches that depend on the latest ACPICA
update and fix/modify changes made by it.]


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