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    SubjectRe: [RFC Patch] virtio: export model and type in /sys
    On 01/30/2011 11:45 PM, Cong Wang wrote:
    > (Adding Neil into Cc.)
    > 于 2011年01月31日 12:05, Rusty Russell 写道:
    >> On Mon, 31 Jan 2011 01:23:00 pm Amerigo Wang wrote:
    >>> Our kdump script needs /sys/block/X/device/{vendor, model, type},
    >>> but virtio devices don't have {model, type}, this patch adds them.
    >>> Actually, I don't know how to fill the model field, other block devices
    >>> seem read it from SCSI. Any comments?
    >> This seems deeply wrong. Can't you fix your script?
    > Well, we use (vendor, model, type) to identify a disk, and so far we only
    > see virtio devices don't have this. So, we hope virtio at least provides
    > some dummy files for us.

    Uniquely identify the disk or identify the class of disk?

    If it's the former, would serial be a better attribute to key off of?


    Anthony Liguori

    >> Model might sanely map to the feature bits, but making the type the same
    >> as the PCI type is weird...
    > Yeah, that is why I mark the patch as RFC, I don't know which is the
    > correct way
    > to fill these two values. Providing some dummy values is also fine for
    > us.
    > Thanks.

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