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SubjectRe: [v3 1/3] 1/3 Touchscreen: Cypress TTSP G3 MTDEV Core Driver
> > If the in-kernel tracking module was in place, would you consider
> > switching to the slots protocol?
> Hi Henrik, can you please clarify? Should I remove MTDEV from the patch
> title?

Let me start over - is there a way to reliably track contacts from the
device? If yes, the question is whether you would consider switching
to type B right away. If no, the question was whether you would
consider a switch to type B if there was a in-kernel tracking module
to use. I understand if there are other reasons to stay with type A, I
am mostly curious.

And perhaps MTDEV is a bit misplaced in the title, unless it has
something to do with the device.


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