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    SubjectRe: [sodaville] [PATCH 02/11] x86: Add device tree support
    On 01/03/2011 09:52 AM, Grant Likely wrote:
    > I think we've got an impedance mismatch.
    > The whole point of the ppc boot wrapper, and the kind of boot wrapper
    > that I'm talking about here, is that it becomes part of the kernel
    > image and is *not* part of firmware. ie. an executable wrapper which
    > carries the kernel as it's payload. I'm wary too of depending of
    > firmware to get things right because it can be so painful to change.

    The problem with that kind of boot wrapper is that they are
    per-architecture, increasing the differences between architectures
    needlessly, and they are often implemented very poorly.

    As such, it's nice to have an ultimate fallback that doesn't depend on
    anything outside ours -- the kernel community's -- control.


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