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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/7][v2] zram/xvmalloc: 64K page fixes and optimizations
On Fri, 2011-01-28 at 08:56 -0600, Robert Jennings wrote:
> Based on feedback this is version 2 of my patches to fix zram and the
> xvmalloc allocator for 64K page size kernels along with a few small
> zram optimizations.
> I have dropped the patch to mark the device as non-rotational media as
> this was duplicated elsewhere. I also dropped the patch regarding caching
> the indices for page size allocations because gcc is quite smart.
> There are two new patches at the end of this patch set. The first
> changes zram to return zero'd pages for reads of pages which have not
> been written to, this eliminates passing uninitialized pages back
> to user-space. The second new patch cleans up freelist pointer
> management and combines the two delete node functions into one common
> function.
> The xvmalloc allocator is non-functional when running with a 64K page
> size. The first two patches fix 64K page related issues.
> [1/7] [v2] zram/vmalloc: Correct tunings to enable use with 64K pages
> [2/7] [v2] zram: Prevent overflow in logical block size
> The next 3 patches provide some small optimizations for zram and
> xvmalloc.
> [3/7] [v2] zram/xvmalloc: free bit block insertion optimization
> [4/7] [v2] zram/xvmalloc: create CONFIG_ZRAM_DEBUG for debug code
> [5/7] [v2] zram/xvmalloc: Close 32byte hole on 64bit CPUs
> These last 2 patches are new, see the description above.
> [6/7] zram: Return zero'd pages on new reads
> [7/7] zram/xvmalloc: combine duplicate block delete code
> Thanks for the helpful reviews.

Hey, you dropped Nitin's and my Reviewed-by tags! Please don't do that
in the future.


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