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SubjectRe: [RFC 1/2] input: mt: Add method to extract the MT slot state
> > Thanks for the patches, Benjamin, perhaps they do need a bit of
> > rewrite or a new ioctl. We will see what happens.
> >
> Today I found a bug in these 2 patches: they send garbage with
> devices that use protocol A.
> This is definitely a bad idea to send the input_absinfo.
> In addition to that, using the original behavior (which seems better)
> does not seems to add sth in regard to input_mt_get_value.
> It would just add some guards that can be resumed in just a test:
> (code >= ABS_MT_FIRST && code <= ABS_MT_LAST && dev->mt &&
> slot >= 0 && slot < dev->mtsize)
> Henrik, if you want to introduce the new IOCTL, feel free, I don't
> need it right now.

Ok - for the record, neither of us actually re-initiated this thing,
so it still falls into the nice-to-have category. The good thing is
there is now a clear path on how to proceed.

Thanks Benjamin.


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