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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/2] mm, Make __get_user_pages return -EHWPOISON for HWPOISON page optionally
I personally would consider it cleaner to have clearly
defined wrappers instead of complicted flags in the caller.

> The number of args to these functions is getting nutty - you'll
> probably find that it is beneficial to inline these wrapepr functions, if
> the number of callsites is small.

Really the functions are so heavy weight it should not matter.
The problem with inlining is that you end up with the code in
the header file and I personally find that much harder to browse
instead of having everything in one file.

Also longer term we'll get compilers that can do cross-file inlining
for optimized builds.

So please better avoid these kinds of micro optimizations unless
it's a really really extremly speed critical path.



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