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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 01/18] move do_timer() from kernel/timer.c into kernel/time/timekeeping.c
    B1;2401;0cOn Mon, 24 Jan 2011, john stultz wrote:
    > I'm guessing Thomas is thinking to move these bits into timekeeping.c so
    > xtime_lock can be made static there, it just strikes me oddly.
    > Especially since jiffies access is still going to need the xtime_lock,
    > so we'd have to move all the jiffies code into timekeeping.c to do so.

    That should go into jiffies.c. We don't need to move everything to

    > Splitting the xtime_lock int a static timekeeper.lock and a static
    > jiffies_lock might be the clean way to divide things, but that really
    > just adds extra locking overhead. But maybe that's not much of an issue.
    > Thomas: I suspect I'm just not seeing where you're going with this.
    > Could you clarify a bit? :)

    We really want to restrict xtime_lock to the core timekeeping
    code. xtime_update() is really meant to take care of the timekeeping
    updates. do_timer() is a horrible misnomer today.

    The call to calc_global_load() is there for hysterical raisins and we
    really should get rid of it sooner than later. I'm quite sure that it
    could be run from a timer callback as well. Peter ?

    Does that answer your questions ?



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