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SubjectRe: [regression?] hang with 2.6.37 on a BTRFS test machine
CCs restored. Its usual to keep CCs on Linux kernel related mailing lists.

Am Sunday 23 January 2011 schrieb Helmut Hullen:
> Hallo, Martin,
> Du meintest am 23.01.11:
> > I have something I do not have the slightest clue on how to track
> > down:
> >
> > Occasionally with 2.6.37 plain vanilla my ThinkPad T23 freezes in
> > such a way, that when I type a command at the prompt, nothing will
> > happen anymore. Same goes for login into a tty. Even dmesg is not
> > executed anymore. My KDE session doesn't react to clicks anymore,
> > except for window movement. Most of the time the mouse pointer is
> > still movable, but sometimes it is frozen as well. But the latter
> > might be a different problem with
> Maybe it's the same problem ... I have (among my machines) a Thinkpad
> T22 on which I have run btrfs with kernel 2.6.37-rc4. Sometimes it
> hung, too. But it's an old machine, with old RAM, with some old disks.

Is the hung comparable to what I have seen? I.e. mouse pointer and stuff
still works, but when entering a command the shell does hang?

I can't completely rule out a hardware related problem as well, but then
with 2.6.36 the machine now just works again as if nothing happened - its
mostly running at 733 MHz instead of 1.13 GHz and the fan still expels a
steady stream of lukewarm air. I think I have to run it with 2.6.36 at
least a week to see whether its stable with that one. Its not important to
run it with 2.6.37 so thats not a problem. Its just my Amarok machine.

Maybe it would be a good idea when you compare with 2.6.36 as well...

> It has hung some time ago also without any btrfs partition and with
> older kernel(s).
> But I'll test again.

I will also continue to test with a 2.6.37 on a workstation at work, but
there only some scratch partition uses BTRFS. My T23 has / and /home on

Martin 'Helios' Steigerwald -
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