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SubjectRe: [PATCH TIP 02/14] x86: Add device tree support
* Sebastian Andrzej Siewior | 2011-01-24 09:58:50 [+0530]:

>This patch adds minimal support for device tree support on x86. It will
>be passed to the kernel via setup_data which requires atleast boot
>protocol 2.09.
>Memory size, restricted memory regions, boot arguments are gathered the
>traditional way so things like cmd_line are just here to let the code
>The current plan is use the device tree as an extension and to gather
>informations from it which can not be enumerated and have to be
>hardcoded otherwise. This includes things like
>- which devices are on this I2C/ SPI bus?
>- how are the interrupts wired to IO APIC?
>- where could my hpet be?

Andres, this patch moves some of the OF defines you added for OLPC from
irq.c to prom.c which requires CONFIG_X86_OF to be enabled. A later
patch changes irq_create_of_mapping() from returning intspec[0] to
actually doing something. Could you please check how of OLPC gets broken
and what we could do about it? :)


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