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SubjectRe: [patch 1/1] leds: add keyboard num/caps lock trigger

Arnaud Patard, le Mon 17 Jan 2011 00:54:05 +0100, a écrit :
> > This is already being implemented in a more generic and useful way,
> > also permitting to use the keyboard leds for other triggers, see the
> > leds-route-kbd-leds-through-the-generic-leds-layer.patch in the mm tree,
> > and the “route kbd LEDs through the generic LEDs layer” thread here.
> I've download the patch at [1] and after a quick runtime test, got no
> success. When booting with the LEDS_INPUT set to y, the machine is
> hanging. I didn't have a serial console at hand so no log for now. I've
> then tried it as module, and it didn't work too. No freeze, but led
> state did not change.

Odd, in my memory it was working for me.

> Moreover, I found a bug. The kbd_update_leds_helper() change is
> wrong. It should use !!(leds & (1<<VC_*)) and not !!(leds & VC_*).

Indeed. This has actually disappeared in the version I'm working on from
the feedback provided by Dmitry.

> btw, my use case/problem is different than yours.

Yes, but my implementation fills both needs.

> I've a arm system where the keyboard is usb hid one and the led I'm
> trying to control a led connected on a gpio.

Then simply connect it to the new e.g. "input::numl" (or "vt::numl" as
per new name according to Dmitry's feedback) trigger provided by my

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