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Subject[PATCH] USB NET KL5KUSB101: Fix mem leak in error path of kaweth_download_firmware()
We will leak the storage allocated by request_firmware() if the size of 
the firmware is greater than KAWETH_FIRMWARE_BUF_SIZE.
This removes the leak by calling release_firmware() before we return

Signed-off-by: Jesper Juhl <>
kaweth.c | 1 +
1 file changed, 1 insertion(+)

Compile tested only since I do not have the hardware.

diff --git a/drivers/net/usb/kaweth.c b/drivers/net/usb/kaweth.c
index 5e98643..7dc8497 100644
--- a/drivers/net/usb/kaweth.c
+++ b/drivers/net/usb/kaweth.c
@@ -406,6 +406,7 @@ static int kaweth_download_firmware(struct kaweth_device *kaweth,

if (fw->size > KAWETH_FIRMWARE_BUF_SIZE) {
err("Firmware too big: %zu", fw->size);
+ release_firmware(fw);
return -ENOSPC;
data_len = fw->size;

Jesper Juhl <>
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