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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/11] ACPI: Fixes and cleanups related to iomaps management
2011/1/22 Rafael J. Wysocki <>:
> On Friday, January 21, 2011, Jeff Chua wrote:
>> 2011/1/21 Rafael J. Wysocki <>:
>> > Thanks, but unfortunately this wasn't conclusive.  Please apply the patch below
>> > instead of the previous one (on top of [1/11] - [11/11]) and collect dmesg
> So, below is a replacement for [11/11].  Please test it on top of
> [1/11] - [10/11] (the current Linus' tree already contains [1/11] and [2/11])
> and let me know if it works for you (in either case, please attach dmesg
> output containing a suspend attempt).
> If it works, I'll remove the diagnostic messages and submit along with the
> rest of the patchset.


dmesg attached. This time, it worked!

I discovered CONFIG_THINKPAD_ACPI caused suspend-to-disk to hang. I
need the Thinkpad ACPI to control the fan and bluetooth. It looks like
the thinkpad acpi is trying acquire locks while suspending. Disabling
cmos, light, led and hotkeys makes suspend-to-disk works again.

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