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SubjectRe: percpu related boot crash on x86
On 1/20/11 1:11 AM, Ingo Molnar wrote:
> * Ingo Molnar<> wrote:
>> Btw., based on Peter's suggestion i tried the limit-bumping hack below - but it
>> did not help, the crash still triggers on 5%-10% of all randconfig bootups.
> I'm now running tests with MAXSMP forcibly disabled - and there are no crashes after
> 69 randconfig iteration. Before it would crash within 10 iterations.
> So it seems the MAXSMP sizing tests triggers a new percpu regression.

It needs CONFIG_DEBUG_PAGEALLOC to trigger. As the comment in
vmap_debug_free_range() already says "it's going to be slow" I wonder if
we could just hack around the problem by adding a

if (!irqs_disabled())

guard around the debugging code to make vfree() always work with IRQs


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