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SubjectRe: [Patch] printk: move some loglevel setup functions to kernel/printk.c
于 2011年01月20日 04:18, Andrew Morton 写道:
>> Cc: WANG Cong<>, Ingo Molnar<> (commit_signer:8/43=19%,commit_signer:4/26=15%), Andrew Morton<> (commit_signer:7/43=16%,commit_signer:9/26=35%), Peter Zijlstra<> (commit_signer:5/43=12%), Tejun Heo<> (commit_signer:4/43=9%), Arnd Bergmann<> (commit_signer:3/43=7%), James Morris<> (commit_signer:6/26=23%), Kees Cook<> (commit_signer:4/26=15%), Namhyung Kim<> (commit_signer:3/26=12%)
> Pease don't do that.

Sorry for this, I used in my script,
and now I fixed my script. :-/

> On Wed, 19 Jan 2011 15:29:24 +0800
> Amerigo Wang<> wrote:
>> These parameter setup functions should go to kernel/printk.c,
> That makes sense.
>> and should also be under CONFIG_PRINTK.
> Not so sure about that. console_loglevel pertains to the console
> system more than to printk. And the console layer is present even when

Such as?

> Now, it may be that console_loglevel never does anything useful when
> CONFIG_PRINTK=n. In which case one wonders why the console code exists
> Anyway. I didn't look at all this terribly hard. Please demonstrate
> to us that you did do so :)

With CONFIG_PRINTK=n we still have consoles and can still register
other consoles, but there will be no messages printed from kernel
to console. So, I think "quiet" is only meaningful to CONFIG_PRINTK=y.

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