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SubjectRe: [REGRESSION] S3 resume on SandyBridge doesn't work with NX protection (5bd5a45)
On 01/20/2011 01:18 PM, matthieu castet wrote:
> PS :
> x86 trampoline is a mess. There are many (wakeup, smpboot) and differ between 32 and 64 bit.
> H. Peter Anvin, aren't you rewriting them ?

Yes, working on it, starting with the framework used to install them.

They can't all be unified; they are used for different purposes and have
different requirements (for one thing, 32 vs 64 bits require different
trampoline code), but the install framework patchset is almost done, and
the recent change of keeping the 1:1 pagetable set around is also a
dramatic cleanup.


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