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SubjectRe: [PATCH -v10 0/4] Lock-less list

* huang ying <> wrote:

> > But will all that stuff be accepted? Please stop sending infrastructure bits and
> > focus on your larger RAS picture, once you have consensus on that from all
> > parties involved, then, and only then, does it make sense to submit everything,
> > including infrastructure.
> I am not sending hardware error reporting infrastructure. As far as I know, Linus
> and Andrew suggest to use printk for hardware error reporting. And now, I just
> try to write APEI driver and reporting hardware error with printk. Is it
> acceptable? Do you have some other idea about hardware error reporting?

Erm, how could you possible have missed the perf based RAS daemon work of Boris,
which we've pointed out about half a dozen times already?

It's somewhat annoying that you simply ignore repeated feedback and feign ignorance.
Reminds me of someone :-)


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