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SubjectRe: Linux 2.6.38-rc1

> But you can get git, and do
> git shortlog v2.6.37..v2.6.38-rc1
> to get the shortlog. Or you can download the whole changelog from
> next to the kernel sources. The git approach is better,
> because you can ask for the log for just specific files or
> subdirectories that you are interested in, which turns the flood into
> something much more manageable.

i wish i could do that for everything. i am pulling up to 500MiB every
-rc cycle and mostly codes for hardwares i don't have. not just that
sometimes changes to even pertain to my machine (so no, `git clone
--depth 1' is not what i have in mind).
it would be nice to have a module or a script for git that would work
with kconfig. so instead of pull-config-compile, one would
config-pull-compile. (ok some initial pull for kconfig stuff first but that
would be all).
i asked this from folks at #git channel and they suggested, because
of the way git works, "git thinks in terms of trees not directories", i
should ask you to see if it's doable?
needless to say that this should also help with the load on as
well, since i imagine people that pull from git to compile their own
kernel by definition don't need everything.


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