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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/21] mm: Preemptibility -v6
    On Mon, 2011-01-17 at 23:12 -0800, Hugh Dickins wrote:

    > However, there's one more-than-cleanup that I think you will need to add:
    > the ZAP_BLOCK_SIZE zap_work stuff is still there, but I think it needs
    > to be removed now, with the need_resched() and other checks moved down
    > from unmap_vmas() to inside the pagetable spinlock in zap_pte_range().
    > Because you're now accumulating more work than ever in the mmu_gather's
    > buffer, and the more so with the 20/21 extended list: but this amounts
    > to a backlog of work which will *usually* be done at the tlb_finish_mmu,
    > but when memory is low (no extra buffers) may need flushing earlier -
    > as things stand, while holding the pagetable spinlock, so introducing
    > a large unpreemptible latency under those conditions.
    > I believe that along with the need_resched() check moved inside
    > zap_pte_range(), you need to check if the mmu_gather buffer is full,
    > and if so drop pagetable spinlock while you flush it. Hmm, but if
    > it's extensible, then it wasn't full: I've not worked out how this
    > would actually fit together.

    Very good point!! I'll work on this, I'll probably do a few of those
    cleanups previously left undone too, I'm seriously doubting the
    usefulness of the whole restart_addr muck now that its preemptible.

    > (I also believe that when memory is low, we *ought* to be freeing up
    > the pages sooner: perhaps all the GFP_ATOMICs should be GFP_NOWAITs.)

    Agreed, I've moved everything to: GFP_NOWAIT | __GFP_NOWARN.

    > I found patch ordering a bit odd: I'm going to comment on them in
    > what seems a more natural ordering to me: if Andrew folds your 00
    > comments into 01 as he usually does, then I'd rather see them on the
    > main preemptible mmu_gather patch, than on reverting some anon_vma
    > annotations!

    Shouldn't we simply ask for better changelogs instead of Andrew doing
    that? That said, I do like your order better, so did indeed reorder as
    you suggest.

    > And with anon_vma->lock already nested inside i_mmap_lock,
    > I think the anon_vma mods are secondary, and can just follow after.
    > 08/21 mm-preemptible_mmu_gather.patch
    > Acked-by: Hugh Dickins <>
    > But I'd prefer __tlb_alloc_pages() be named __tlb_alloc_page(),
    > and think it should pass __GFP_NOWARN with its GFP_ATOMIC (same
    > remark would apply in several other patches too).

    Did the rename, and like mentioned, switched to GFP_NOWAIT |
    __GFP_NOWARN for everything.

    > 09/21 powerpc-preemptible_mmu_gather.patch
    > I'll leave Acking to Ben, but it looked okay so far as I could tell.
    > I worry how much (unpreemptible) work happens in __flush_tlb_pending
    > in __switch_to, whether PPC64_TLB_BATCH_NR 192 ought to be smaller
    > now (I wonder where 192 came from originally); move the _TLF_LAZY_MMU
    > block below _switch() to after the local_irq_restore(flags)?
    > The mods to hpte_need_flush() look like what we need in 2.6.37-stable
    > to keep CONFIG_DEBUG_PREEMPT vfree() quiet, perhaps should be separated
    > out - but perhaps they're inappropriate and Ben has another fix in mind.

    I'll await Ben's answer on this, but yeah, he might consider tuning the

    > 10/21 sparc-preemptible_mmu_gather.patch
    > Similarly, looked okay so far as I could tell, and this one was
    > already doing flush_tlb_pending in switch_to; more of the 192
    > (not from you, of course). tlb_batch_add() has some commented-out
    > (tb->fullmm) code that you probably meant to come back to.
    > mm/init_32.c still has DEFINE_PER_CPU(struct mmu_gather, mmu_gathers).

    Ah, right.. XXX

    > 11/21 s390-preemptible_mmu_gather.patch
    > I'd prefer __tlb_alloc_page(), with __GFP_NOWARN as suggested above.
    > mm/pgtable.c still has DEFINE_PER_CPU(struct mmu_gather, mmu_gathers).

    Martin, while doing the below DEFINE_PER_CPU removal I saw you had a
    bunch of RCU table removal thingies in arch/s390/mm/pgtable.c, could
    s390 use the generic bits like sparc and powerpc (see patch 16)?

    > 12/21 arm-preemptible_mmu_gather.patch
    > 13/21 sh-preemptible_mmu_gather.patch
    > 14/21 um-preemptible_mmu_gather.patch
    > 15/21 ia64-preemptible_mmu_gather.patch
    > All straightforward, but DEFINE_PER_CPU(struct mmu_gather, mmu_gathers)
    > still to be removed from these and other arches.

    I've added a patch removing all the DEFINE_PER_CPU(struct mmu_gather,
    mmu_gathers) thingies.

    One thing I was wondering about, should I fold all these patches into
    one big patch to improve bisectability? Because after the first patch
    all !generic-tlb archs won't compile anymore due to the mm/* changes.

    > 16/21 mm_powerpc-move_the_rcu_page-table_freeing_into.patch
    > Seems good, prefer Ben and Dave to Ack. "copmletion" -> "completion".

    Fixed the typo, thanks!

    > 18/21 mutex-provide_mutex_is_contended.patch
    > I suppose so, though if we use it in the truncate path, then we are
    > stuck with the vm_truncate_count stuff I'd rather hoped would go away;
    > but I guess you're right, that if we did spin_needbreak/need_lockbreak
    > before, then we ought to do this now - though I suspect I only added
    > it because I had to insert a resched-point anyway, and it seemed a good
    > idea at the time to check lockbreak too since that had just been added.

    Since its now preemptable we might consider simply removing that. I
    simply wanted to keep the changes to a minimum for now.

    > 19/21 mm-convert_i_mmap_lock_and_anon_vma-_lock_to_mutexes.patch
    > I suggest doing just the i_mmap_lock->mutex conversion at this point.
    > Acked-by: Hugh Dickins <>
    > except that in the past we have renamed a lock when we've done this
    > kind of conversion, so I'd expect i_mmap_mutex throughout now.
    > Or am I just out of date? I don't feel very strongly about it.

    Done, split the conversion and did the s/_lock/_mutex/ thing.

    > 20/21 mm-extended_batches_for_generic_mmu_gather.patch
    > Acked-by: Hugh Dickins <>
    > though it struck me as overdesign at first: I guess Nick wanted it
    > because he had an implementation that used the pagetables themselves,
    > hence an assured supply of these buffers. tlb_finish_mmu(), and
    > perhaps others, looking rather too big for inline by this stage.

    Yeah, they are a bit beefy, maybe I should move some of that into

    > 04/21 mm-rename_drop_anon_vma_to_put_anon_vma.patch
    > Acked-by: Hugh Dickins <>
    > but (if you don't mind: leave it to me if you prefer) in mm/ksm.c
    > please just remove wrappers hold_anon_vma() and ksm_put_anon_vma():
    > they had a point when they originated the refcount but no point now.
    > Note there are now two places to update in mm/migrate.c in 38-rc1.

    Done, zapped those wrappers.

    > 05/21 mm-move_anon_vma_ref_out_from_under_config_ksm.patch
    > Acked-by: Hugh Dickins <>
    > but you shouldn't need to touch mm/migrate.c again here with 38-rc1.
    > Didn't you end up double-decrementing refcount in the huge_page case?

    I'm afraid I need a little help here, what huge_page case? I tried
    applying this comment to both patches 5 and 6, but failed to find a
    huge_page case..

    > 06/21 mm-simplify_anon_vma_refcounts.patch
    > Acked-by: Hugh Dickins <>
    > except page_get_anon_vma() is being declared in rmap.h a patch early,
    > and you shouldn't need to touch mm/ksm.c again here with 38-rc1.
    > Did wonder if __put_anon_vma() is right to put anon_vma->root *before*
    > freeing anon_vma, but suppose your not_zero strictness makes it safe.

    It seemed like the natural order to do things, release the reference we
    hold on ->root right before we free ourselves.

    The race you're worried about is the page_lock_anon_vma() where we
    access ->root? Afaict that's ok because we check page_mapped() and
    decrementing that should be done _before_ the last put_anon_vma(),
    otherwise that function is already racy.

    > 07/21 mm-use_refcounts_for_page_lock_anon_vma.patch
    > Acked-by: Hugh Dickins <>
    > but here I'm expecting you to use your page_get_anon_vma() in
    > mm/migrate.c too, to replace my 38-rc1 lock/get/unlock sequences.


    > Second page_mapped() test in page_get_anon_vma(): remove "goto out;"
    > from that block, it's already reached "out".

    Paranoia on my side, done.

    > In patch description,
    > didn't understand "for each of convertion": "for sake of conversion"?

    Uhm.. yeah my brain must have slipped there or something, not quite sure
    what I meant, let me make that:

    "This is done to prepare for the conversion of anon_vma from spinlock
    to mutex."

    > This brings us to a nice point, ready for the lock->mutex conversion:
    > the only defect being the doubled atomics in page_(un)lock_anon_vma.

    Yeah, that double atomic is sadness, you've seen what I've come up with
    to avoid that..

    > 19/21 mm-convert_i_mmap_lock_and_anon_vma-_lock_to_mutexes.patch
    > I suggest doing the anon_vma lock->mutex conversion separately here.
    > Acked-by: Hugh Dickins <>
    > except that in the past we have renamed a lock when we've done this
    > kind of conversion, so I'd expect anon_vma->mutex throughout now.
    > Or am I just out of date? I don't feel very strongly about it.

    Done.. however:

    Index: linux-2.6/include/linux/huge_mm.h
    --- linux-2.6.orig/include/linux/huge_mm.h
    +++ linux-2.6/include/linux/huge_mm.h
    @@ -91,12 +91,8 @@ extern void __split_huge_page_pmd(struct
    #define wait_split_huge_page(__anon_vma, __pmd) \
    do { \
    pmd_t *____pmd = (__pmd); \
    - spin_unlock_wait(&(__anon_vma)->root->lock); \
    - /* \
    - * spin_unlock_wait() is just a loop in C and so the \
    - * CPU can reorder anything around it. \
    - */ \
    - smp_mb(); \
    + anon_vma_lock(__anon_vma); \
    + anon_vma_unlock(__anon_vma); \
    BUG_ON(pmd_trans_splitting(*____pmd) || \
    pmd_trans_huge(*____pmd)); \
    } while (0)
    Andrea, is that smp_mb() simply to avoid us doing anything before the
    lock is free? Why isn't there an mb() before to ensure nothing leaks
    past it from the other end?

    > 21/21 mm-optimize_page_lock_anon_vma_fast-path.patch
    > I certainly see the call for this patch, I want to eliminate those
    > doubled atomics too. This appears correct to me, and I've not dreamt
    > up an alternative; but I do dislike it, and I suspect you don't like
    > it much either. I'm ambivalent about it, would love a better patch.

    Like said, I fully agree with that sentiment, just haven't been able to
    come up with anything saner :/ Although I can optimize the
    __put_anon_vma() path a bit by doing something like:

    if (mutex_is_locked()) { anon_vma_lock(); anon_vma_unlock(); }
    But I bet that wants a barrier someplace and my head hurts..

    > sparc64-Kill_page_table_quicklists.patch
    > sparc64-Use_RCU_page_table_freeing.patch
    > sparc64-Add_support_for__PAGE_SPECIA.patch
    > sparc64-Implement_get_user_pages_fast.patch
    > I did not spend very long looking at these, none of my business really!
    > but did notice one thing I didn't like, that pte_special() is declared
    > unsigned long in the third, whereas int in every other architecture. I
    > think it should follow the ia64-style there, use != 0 to return an int.

    Dave, do you want me to make those changes, or will you once the rest of
    this stuff makes it upstream?

    > A few checkpatch warnings, many of which I don't particularly agree with -
    > though I do get annoyed by comments going over 80-cols without any need!

    Agreed, although I didn't spot any comments crossing the 80-column

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