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SubjectRe: [PATCH -perf/perf/core 5/6] perf probe: Add variable filter support
Em Fri, Jan 14, 2011 at 11:42:05AM +0900, Masami Hiramatsu escreveu:
> (2011/01/14 6:18), Franck Bui-Huu wrote:
> > I'm wondering if the different syntax below could be simpler:
> >
> > $ perf probe add <probe>
> > $ perf probe del <probe>
> > $ perf probe show
> > $ perf probe list <line>
> > ... --vars[=<pattern>] [--externs] <probe>
> > ... --funcs[=<pattern>]

> Hm, well, if no one complains about changing the syntax of perf probe,
> it may make things simple (maybe we'll also have to drop "perf probe
> <PROBE>" syntax). Nowadays we already have perf-kvm, perf-sched, etc.
> which use sub-sub commands.

> IMHO, for avoiding confusion old options and "perf-list", below
> sub-sub commands are more suitable.

> $ perf probe add <probe>
> $ perf probe del <probe>
> $ perf probe list
> $ perf probe lines <line>
> $ perf probe vars [--filter=<pattern>|-F <pattern>] [--extern] <probe>
> $ perf probe funcs [--filter=<pattern>|-F <pattern>]

Right, and when packaging, we can do just like Ingo and Thomas are doing
with 'perf trace', create a hardlink and if argv[0] is 'probe', that is
an alias to 'perf probe', so we would do it just like:

$ probe add <probe>
$ probe del <probe>
$ probe list
$ probe lines <line>
$ probe vars [--filter=<pattern>|-F <pattern>] [--extern] <probe>
$ probe funcs [--filter=<pattern>|-F <pattern>]

[root@felicio ~]# probe
bash: probe: command not found...

Also google told me that there was an /sbin/probe utility, but that was
a long time ago, in the kernel-pcmcia-cs package, nowadays we have
pcmciautils and it doesn't have this command, so I think it is up for
grabs :-)

So I think that the 'probe funcs' makes sense, will apply that patch in

- Arnaldo

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