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SubjectR_SPARC_13 (Re: Bug#609371: linux-image-2.6.37-trunk-sparc64: module scsi_mod: Unknown relocation: 36)
On Mon, 2011-01-17 at 10:22 +0000, Richard Mortimer wrote:
> On Sun, 2011-01-16 at 22:07 -0800, David Miller wrote:
> > From: David Miller <>
> > Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2011 21:17:22 -0800 (PST)
> > > I think the problem we have here is that the _ftrace_events section is
> > > not aligned sufficiently. That ".align 4" mnemonic is a good indication
> > > of this. It should at least "8" on sparc64.
> >
> I noticed another potentially 64 bit unfriendly alignment on struct
> tracepoint in include/linux/tracepoint.h. I don't think that the
> alignment of 32 breaks anything but it does leave a 24 byte hole. I
> don't know enough about tracing to know if that is necessary.
> struct tracepoint {
> const char *name; /* Tracepoint name */
> int state; /* State. */
> void (*regfunc)(void);
> void (*unregfunc)(void);
> struct tracepoint_func *funcs;
> } __attribute__((aligned(32))); /*
> * Aligned on 32 bytes because it is
> * globally visible and gcc happily
> * align these on the structure size.
> * Keep in sync with
> */
> Note I spotted this when looking at some residual sparc64 relocation
> issues when _ftrace_events alignment is changed to 8. I'll follow those
> issues up in a separate email when I get time later today.

I did some experiments looking at what happens when the
include/trace/ftrace.h __aligned__(4) usages for _ftrace_events are
changed to __aligned__(8). This causes the R_SPARC_UA64 relocations to
go to R_SPARC_64 and gets rid of that particular issue.

However it does not cause the R_SPARC_13 relocation records to go away.
They still persist and the ones I've looked at are be related to uses of
struct tracepoint that I mentioned earlier. I tried various different
values of alignment for both __ftrace_events and struct tracepoint but
nothing made the uses of R_SPARC_13 go away.

As an example from drivers/scsi/scsi_error.c function scsi_eh_wakeup().

This has relocation records of

0000000000002be0 R_SPARC_HI22 __tracepoint_scsi_eh_wakeup
0000000000002be4 R_SPARC_LO10 __tracepoint_scsi_eh_wakeup
0000000000002be4 R_SPARC_13 *ABS*+0x0000000000000008
0000000000002bf4 R_SPARC_LO10 __tracepoint_scsi_eh_wakeup
0000000000002bf4 R_SPARC_13 *ABS*+0x0000000000000020

for the following assembly code

sethi %hi(__tracepoint_scsi_eh_wakeup), %g1 !, tmp135
lduw [%g1+%lo(__tracepoint_scsi_eh_wakeup)+8], %g2 ! __tracepoint_scsi_eh_wakeup.state,
cmp %g2, 0 ! __tracepoint_scsi_eh_wakeup.state,
be,pt %icc, .LL454
nop !
ldx [%g1+%lo(__tracepoint_scsi_eh_wakeup)+32], %l0 !, it_func_ptr
brz,pn %l0, .LL454 ! it_func_ptr,

this corresponds to the first few lines of

void scsi_eh_wakeup(struct Scsi_Host *shost)
if (shost->host_busy == shost->host_failed) {
printk("Waking error handler thread\n"));

If I try compiling with the -Os option removed from KBUILD_CFLAGS it
produces a more traditional R_SPARC_HI22 and R_SPARC_LO10 output as
shown below. So maybe there is a really need to add R_SPARC_13 support
to the sparc64 module loader to allow for the optimizations that the
compiler is making now.

00000000000001bc R_SPARC_HI22 __tracepoint_scsi_eh_wakeup
00000000000001c0 R_SPARC_LO10 __tracepoint_scsi_eh_wakeup
00000000000001dc R_SPARC_HI22 __tracepoint_scsi_eh_wakeup+0x0000000000000020
00000000000001e0 R_SPARC_LO10 __tracepoint_scsi_eh_wakeup+0x0000000000000020

ldx [%fp+2175], %g1 ! shost, tmp123
stx %g1, [%fp+2007] ! tmp123, shost
sethi %hi(__tracepoint_scsi_eh_wakeup), %g1 !, tmp125
or %g1, %lo(__tracepoint_scsi_eh_wakeup), %g1 ! tmp125,, tmp124
ld [%g1+8], %g1 ! __tracepoint_scsi_eh_wakeup.state, D.32824
xor %g1, 0, %g1 ! D.32824,, tmp126
subcc %g0, %g1, %g0 !, tmp126
addx %g0, 0, %g1 !,, D.32823
brz %g1, .LL3
nop ! D.32822,
sethi %hi(__tracepoint_scsi_eh_wakeup+32), %g1 !, tmp127
or %g1, %lo(__tracepoint_scsi_eh_wakeup+32), %g1 ! tmp127,, D.32820
ldx [%g1], %g1 !* D.32820, tmp128
stx %g1, [%fp+2015] ! tmp128, _________p1



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