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    SubjectRe: Bug in linux-2.6.37-rc8+: Weird X display upon hibernating
    On poniedziałek, 10 stycznia 2011 o 20:20:40 Hans de Bruin wrote:
    > On 01/09/2011 06:07 PM, Siddu wrote:
    > > seems like its not getting much attention here .... atleast can anyone
    > > tell me which is the right place to be brought into notice ?
    > If you want to avoid the lkml you might want to look at buzilla. Rafael
    > Wysocki has a list of bugs/regressions for each kernel release. The list
    > for 2.6.37 is at:
    > If your problem is not there yet, you can add an entry.

    Firstly you must sure, that _is_ regression. Siddu wrote: "Here is something
    strange which seems to happening with 2.6.37-rc8+
    also i am not sure if this existed earlier ."


    Maciej Rutecki
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