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    Subject[RFC V2 0/3] cpuidle: Cleanup pm_idle and include driver/cpuidle.c in-kernel
    The core of the kernel's idle routine on x86 presently depends
    on an exported pm_idle function pointer that is unmanaged.
    The first problem is that this exported pointer can be modified
    by any subsystem. There is no tracking or notification mechanism.
    Secondly and more importantly, various subsystems save the value of
    this pointer, flip it and later restore to the saved value. There is
    no guarantee that the saved value is still valid. The problem has
    been discussed at and

    This patch series tries to achieve the goal of having cpuidle manage
    all idle routine management by doing the following changes:

    * Remove pm_idle pointer from process_xx.c and implicitly call

    * Change select_idle_routine() in x86 bootup code to create
    a cpuidle_driver structure and register the routines with the
    cpuidle subsystem using a default_idle driver in

    * The 'best' (current) cpuidle_driver is selected based
    on the priority that is supplied at the time of registration/

    * Arch supplied default idle (hlt or poll) is used during transitions.

    * List of cpuidle_drivers and their (per-cpu) cpuidle_devices are
    maintained in a doubly linked list to enable selection and unregistering
    when not used. Previously cpuidle subsystem had only one set of
    cpuidle_driver and corresponding cpuidle_devices.

    * Ideally we could have a single list of idle routines supplied by
    different modules and use a priority+governor to select the best.
    We could incrementally do this since we have a dependency: Only
    idle routines from a set (ACPI) should be used on all cpus and not
    a combination of say C1e on some cpus and ACPI routines on some
    other cpus.

    This patch series applies on 2.6.37, and was tested on x86 system with
    multiple sleep states.

    Request your comment on the general approach based on the discussion
    in v1 (

    Changes from v1: cpuidle: add idle routine registration and cleanup
    pm_idle pointer

    * v1 has registration mechanisms for single idle routines and expects
    cpuidle.c:cpuidle_idle_call() to take over for systems with multiple
    idle routines.

    While this series uses cpuidle.c:cpuidle_idle_call() as a means to
    invoke single idle routines as well as multiple idle routines. The
    registration mechanism proposed in V1 is completely replaced by
    cpuidle.c with added fields like 'priority'.


    Trinabh Gupta (3):
    cpuidle: Default Idle Driver for x86
    cpuidle data structure changes, list based cpuidle driver registration
    cpuidle: Remove pm_idle pointer for x86

    arch/x86/kernel/process.c | 340 -------------------------------
    arch/x86/kernel/process_32.c | 4
    arch/x86/kernel/process_64.c | 4
    arch/x86/xen/setup.c | 1
    drivers/acpi/processor_idle.c | 2
    drivers/cpuidle/Kconfig | 2
    drivers/cpuidle/cpuidle.c | 42 +---
    drivers/cpuidle/driver.c | 68 +++++-
    drivers/cpuidle/governor.c | 13 +
    drivers/idle/Makefile | 2
    drivers/idle/default_driver.c | 451 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    include/linux/cpuidle.h | 4
    12 files changed, 543 insertions(+), 390 deletions(-)
    create mode 100644 drivers/idle/default_driver.c


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