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SubjectRe: [PATCHv6 3/3] mmc_test: collect data and show it via sysfs by demand
On Wed, Sep 8, 2010 at 1:27 AM, Andrew Morton <> wrote:
>> Here is a patch which brings possibility to get test results via sysfs. It
>> helps to do tests non-interactively.
>> We have the file created under sysfs already and we could use it to out test
>> results.
> So what we end up with is extremely thin.  Something about adding
> something to sysfs.
Yeah, agree with you. How to proceed with commit messages?
Should I make newer version of this certain patch with updated commit message?

> This is not enough!  You're proposing an addition to the kernel->user
> ABI.  Please fully describe this interface so that we can understand
> and review it.  What are the names of these sysfs files?  What do they
> do?
The sysfs file already exists for me as for feature contributor. I
think I could issue separate
patch to update documentation part.

> Provide us with example output in the changelog so we can see for
> ourselves.
Will do.

> Please consider documenting the thing in a permanent documentation
> file.  (I don't believe that Documentation/ABI/ is appropriate, given
> mmc_test's scope).
Adrian pointed me once to some standalone documentation about this stuff.
I will talk to him how we could use this and apply to kernel.

> afacit the only useful info we have about mmc_test is
>        help
>          Development driver that performs a series of reads and writes
>          to a memory card in order to expose certain well known bugs
>          in host controllers. The tests are executed by writing to the
>          "test" file in sysfs under each card. Note that whatever is
>          on your card will be overwritten by these tests.
>          This driver is only of interest to those developing or
>          testing a host driver. Most people should say N here.
> which I guess is good enough, given the smallness and sophistication of
> its users.  It could be improved on though!

With Best Regards,
Andy Shevchenko
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