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SubjectRe: sudo rmmod ahci @ succeeds: filesystem access errors follow
On Wednesday 08 September 2010 19:28:57 Stefan Richter wrote:
> Pedro Francisco wrote:
> > That makes no sense. That's what the force option "-f" is for. It's my
> > opinion the usage count for ahci on `lsmod' should be 1 and not 0.
> > Whoever still wants to remove it can use the `rmmod -f ahci'
> The usage count of a module is only there to ensure that function calls
> into the module succeed. As long as some other part of the kernel has a
> pointer of a function in the module, removal of the module needs to be
> prevented.
> "rmmod ahci" on the other hand is something like pulling the SATA cable.
> Or ejection of the controller from an ExpressCard slot. The driver
> shutdown causes the controller device and thus its child devices (disk
> devices behind the controller) to go away, and that's it. You can do also
> # echo $DEVICE_ID > /sys/module/ahci/drivers/pci\:ahci/unbind
> which tells the driver to let go of the controller.

Hum ok... Still I find it weird since on 2.6.32 I've, after `lsmod | grep -i
ahci 32200 4
and on
ahci 32200 0

Why the change of behaviour? Is it because of the split of libahci from ahci ?


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