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SubjectRe: disabling group leader perf_event
  On 09/07/2010 11:33 AM, Stefan Hajnoczi wrote:
> Native Client: A Sandbox for Portable, Untrusted x86 Native Code, IEEE
> Symposium on Security and Privacy, May 2009
> The "Inner Sandbox" they talk about verifies a subset of x86 code.
> For indirect control flow (computed jumps), they introduce a new
> instruction that can do run-time checking of the destination address.

Interesting, but appears to rely on x86 segmentation, which isn't
available on x86_64.

Removing that requirement means replacing indirect memory access by a
new instruction that does run-time checking, like indirect control flow,
which is likely to kill performance.

error compiling committee.c: too many arguments to function

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