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SubjectRe: [BUGFIX for 2.6.36][RESEND][PATCH 1/2] oom: remove totalpage normalization from oom_badness()
> ok, this one got no objection except original patch author.
> then, I'll push it to mainline. I'm glad that I who stabilization
> developer have finished this work.
> If you think this patch is slightly large, please run,
> % git diff a63d83f42^ mm/oom_kill.c
> you'll understand this is minimal revert of unnecessary change.

Andrew, please don't be lazy this one. I don't hope to slip this anymore.
I was making the patch as you requested. but no responce. I who stabilization
developr can't permit this userland breakage and sucky status. please
join to fix it. Sadly, The delay will be increase, I have to switch
full revert entirely instead your opinion.

Spell out: I don't hope to continus this crazy discussion. a userland
breakage bug is a bug, not anything else. I don't hope to talk this
one anymore even though it's only 5 miniture. I don't think any rare
usecase feature should die. but ZERO USER FEATURE SHOULDN'T BREAK USERLAND.

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