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SubjectRe: [PATCH] west bridge, kconfig and hal fixes
On Tue, Sep 07, 2010 at 12:22:10PM -0700, David Cross wrote:

First off, what's with the "Re:" of the Subject? What are you
responding to here?

> This patch contains the kconfig changes necessary to fix build errors
> that could come up in the linux-next version. It also includes an
> additional HAL layer for the west bridge CRAM interface.

Again, one patch per change, please break this up.

> The inclusion
> of this interface support did require the reorganization of some of the
> existing code, which is part of the reason for the size of the patch.
> Moving files and directories makes this patch seem larger than it really
> is.

If you use git you can send a patch that properly shows only what
changes even if the file is moved. Care to do that?

> The Kconfig changes are closely related to the inclusion of the CRAM
> HAL layer, and as such this patch is difficult to logically separate.

Why is it necessary?

> The linux-next tree does not seem to have a config for the zoom2, and
> trying to build it for that board seems to make the compilation break.

Why should the driver care about which arch it is built for? It should
build on _all_ arches, right?

> As such, the only thing that I tested was compilation using the two
> different HALs (one of which is added in this patch). Please let me know
> if there are problems or questions with this.

Why do you need a "HAL" at all here?


greg k-h

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