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    SubjectRe: [Scst-devel] Fwd: Re: linuxcon 2010...
    Nicholas A. Bellinger, on 09/07/2010 01:55 AM wrote:
    >> Frankly, in all the situation around Linux SCSI targets I for quite a
    >> long time feeling myself as a hero of a Kafka novel. Supposed to be
    >> goals are to have the best code doing its job the best, but on practice
    >> nobody cares about technical arguments and figuring out which subsystem
    >> is the best. Instead, everything lives it own incomprehensible life,
    >> where doesn't matter what you are doing, all already long ago decided
    >> behind your back and you will never be told why. All accurate statements
    >> not heard or, at best, called "handwaving", but dirty public opinion
    >> manipulations based on half- and less-than-half- truth have very warn
    >> welcome. This atmosphere is unhealthy, really.
    > Sorry Vlad, but this is simply not the truth. You have had ample time
    > to comment on the hundreds of TCM/LIO patches posted to linux-scsi and
    > lkml over the last years, but you have chosen never to comment on a
    > *single* one then, or even on a single one now of the dozens that have
    > been posted in the last 3 weeks while this thread has been lumbering
    > forward..

    Actually, is the result of a
    very careful and comprehensive review of your code, most likely, the
    best it has ever had. Until high level questions are answered (Dmitry
    perfectly summarized them), there's no point to go into low level
    details reviewing particular patches.


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