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SubjectRe: [PATCH] pio: add arch specific gpio_is_valid() function

--- On Mon, 9/6/10, Ryan Mallon <> wrote:

> How about this approach instead?

Still don't like it, sorry. gpio_is_valid()
is not intended as a fine-grained call, there is
a call which is fine grained; use that instead.

> ----
> On some architectures gpio numbering does not start from zero.

But on all of them, zero is a valid GPIO number.
It could get dynamically allocated someday...

Allow for
> correct behaviour of gpio_is_valid

I'd say it's already correct ... what's not
correct is expecting to validate the *active* set
of GPIOs (some dynamically allocated) through
that, instead of one of the GPIO setup calls
like gpio_request, which have explicit guarantees
of reporting errors for GPIO numbers which are
not usable on the target board.

on values below the
> first gpio by
> adding the architecture overrideable ARCH_FIRST_GPIO.

What are you (?) doing that it even matters
to a driver which GPIOs are built into the SOC
versus external? Caring about arch-specific
stuff at this level is a big thought-bug...

And I'd ask why you're ignoring or bypassing
the error reporting from gpio_request() ...

That is, just what are you doing that makes
you want gpio_is_valid() to include error checks
you are supposed to get via gpio_request as part
of GPIO configuration?

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